March 12, 2021

Work from Home Mom – Boon or not (really)?

A year back I could not even think of getting on track with my normal routine, leave alone my career. A comfort zone can surely make you quite dumb! It sounds harsh but its true. I am sure some of the moms who can slide down the comfort lane quite easily and loose their breath getting out of it, which I am a premium member of (not so proud though) can relate.
However, with my nausea-tic and ever tiring pregnancy period, I was completely out of habit to work (at home or professionally). My health was the priority and hence, I admit I conveniently used it as a blanket to cover my laziness aka comfort. Getting all the attention from the family members, especially the husband was the cherry on the cake (the health issues were genuine though).
The pregnancy time went by…then came my baby, making me realize the honeymoon period was over! Although I had great help from my mother in the beginning and of course from mother in law too, I always knew I had to survive on my own when I am back home. It took some time, many tears, deep body pain and a loooottt of sleep deprivation to today when I sit here and write this blog at 3 am. However, it all paid off and now both my blogs and other professional commitments have improved.

Never the less , I got adjusted well with my routine in terms of the baby, home and myself and that continued until I started working again!
After a lot of thoughts about keeping my baby away while I work, the guilt, the emotions, the pressure and everything under the sky had been stressed about. The late night discussions with my husband, the meticulous advises from my mom and again the loootttt of thinking made me come up with a great (so as I thought) solution of Working from Home.
Honestly, its just been a month and a half of my ‘Idea in action of Working from Home,’ and I am dead tired already.
Women might think that its a great way to be connected to the kids and family and yet progress your career, well, we all want to be the ‘Queen of the balancing Act.’ But there’s no such thing as ‘balance,’ (sorry but not sorry) to burst the bubble! Yes, you can be available to your family whenever required (which is always), work when you are free (which is hardly ever), Take your own coffee and lunch breaks for however long you wish to (well that’s true) and be your own boss (yes good and bad!).
Its been a challenging month for me, but on a more positive note, I have definitely learnt a a lot from the situation and my from my baby!
• A hard learned lesson of ‘Time management,’ which is the most crucial part of any activity in personal and professional life. I was not great at it, but eventually I am making peace with it.
• Always working on a ‘To do list,’ genuinely helpful again in both aspects of life. Organizing your life with fun and work should positively be a top priority, it sure helps.
• While I wanted to work, the baby always wanted to get my attention and hence, I came up with a solution of activities like role play, where I gave him a pen and paper and asked him to work like mommy , which he was happy doing it. Also coloring, play dough and blocks come to my rescue for at least some time.
• Earlier it was,’Sleep when your baby sleeps,’ but now it goes like,’Work while your baby sleeps.’ Yes, although it means compromising my sleep at night or day, I have to dedicate my time to work as their sleep time is the most productive time for us!
Although there is an exhaustive list of my learning and other observations, I am more focused on the above.
‘Home’ for us mothers mean, cooking, kids and their things, husbands, other family members, organizing our house, outdoor work, home shopping, pick and drops for kids and again the list goes on. So imagine all this with a full time work from home job! #workfromhomemom . Picture a baby shouting ‘mamma mamma’ in the background of an important work call! Yes, that would be me and my baby.
Sometimes I feel, it would have been easier to go to office, work systematically and come back home happy and content and without any stress. But, before I become all happy about that thought, I know what all goes through a heart and mind of a working mom when she leaves her child home. How exhausted she is when she returns and yet put up a fresh smiling face for her baby and in most cases, leave the home with all work completed in the morning and come back home to all other pending work to only wake up and do everything all over again.
Its tough for a non working mom, tough for a work from home mom and equally tough for a working mom! My respect and hugs goes out to all these amazing women and naturally to their support systems too.
Lastly, working from home… boon or not? So for me…Becoming a mom is a boon…rest all falls in place!


  1. Noor Anand Chawla June 18, 2021 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    Hahha being a mom in any circumstance is difficult! But then the pleasure of being a mother is worth it all. Very relatable post!

  2. Seema Bardeskar June 19, 2021 at 3:05 pm - Reply

    Since 2020, it had been so difficult to work since kids are at home all the time and we do not have any break or a place to go and work for a while.

  3. Hansa Kajaria June 20, 2021 at 12:03 am - Reply

    For me, moving frm office environment to sitting at home was one drastic step that I took. Yes it did break me mentally and I still miss the office work space but now priorities have changed and while I work on one side, I am running around my kids, husband and house the other side.

  4. The Champa Tree June 20, 2021 at 6:00 am - Reply

    It is a mix for all I think. With ample planning and a positive attitude, everything can be managed well.

  5. Jyoti June 20, 2021 at 7:45 am - Reply

    Work from home is stressful these days but og work hours are flexible then it is manageable . Great tips

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