November 18, 2021

Ways to help kids, speak their mind!


Ways To Help Kids to Speak their Minds!


As we are all gearing up for a post-pandemic world, the footprints of this long hiatus would remain etched in
our lives for long. And since our tiny tots have confined within the walls for the longest, undoubtedly, this

must have left an undeniable impression on the tender minds and must have caused an exacerbated crisis of
expressing feelings.
Keeping this in mind, this Children’s Day, Nickelodeon – India’s leading kids entertainment franchise –
inspired kids to express themselves, unfiltered, through a fun and empowering campaign #NoStressExpress.
During the campaign, it got me to thinking what the ways are we can help our kids to express themselves.
Here are five easy ways to help the little ones to speak their hearts and mind out!
1. A picture speaks thousand words!
What better than encouraging kids to express themselves through art? Communication through art is one of
the most creative ways to self-express. So, try encouraging your tiny tots to go out and explore different art
forms and see their favourite artistic mediums. It could be painting, sketching, drawing… sky is the limit!

1. Identifying the emotions
It is important to help kids identify different emotions they feel. Because without identifying, they won’t be
able to express and speak their hearts out! For example, instead of just asking your little one to finish their
food, you could say “Mamma will be happy if you finish your food!”. Another way to do this is to take help of
books, or their cartoon characters and point out the emotions shown.

2. Let’s groove it!
Dancing is one of the most liberating form of self-expression. In fact, from all the modes of self-expression,
dancing is one of the healthier ones! It lets them be active, move their body, and teaches them to be easily.
So, just put on some fine music and let them groove!

3. Hobbies
Encourage them to express themselves through their hobbies! Perhaps they like to get creative through
yoga, dance, or let out their pent-up energy through karate. It’s a win- win! Not only will they be able to
express who they are, but they will also be keeping healthy and fit in a way they enjoy.

4. Let them be the decision makers!
How about giving them the liberty to take decisions of the next outfit they want to wear or what they want
to eat. Letting them take decisions for matters as small as these gives them confidence and understand their
choices and preferences!

Small steps can make big difference when it comes to letting them express themselves. Always encourage
and remind your tiny tots #NoStressExpress !


Hope you find this helpful.

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