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Hey, I’m Bhakti!

Welcome to my space, where I am glad to share the snippets of our life journey and bring it alive here.

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Work is all play, when my ‘Business Partner’ is simply my mini version.

It is such an amusing work experience, when I have the cutest and the most enthusiastic business partner; a.k.a. RG, my 4 year old son. Hence, the fun & the adrenaline rush is at next level and ‘Magic’ is created every time we work together!

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All you can experience, is freshly brewed from our Creative Window!’

Creativity is my calling and writing is my passion.
So here, you would witness a variety of topics covering, ‘Poetry,’ ‘My Artwork,’ ‘Recipes,’ & most importantly, my ‘Motherhood Journey’ that actually made me take this plunge of blogging exclusively.

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